ego!… Energy Gone Obscene! Part II

ego! Part I was all about the what and the why of the ego we all have. Part II is how to live and play nice with IT! 

The first step in playing nice with our egos is realizing it is part of us, but not us.  Ego is not who or what we are!  Truly we are Spiritual beings living a human experience and only have forgotten that fact, because the ego we acquired has hidden it from us. Hiding our true selves from us is the ego’s main mission and once that is realized it will start losing its grip and slowly fade into the background.

The trick or secret to making the ego fade away is the consistency of being aware as soon as possible when it acts up, which it does a lot and very subtly sometimes.  Luckily, we all come with  a PGS –  Personal Guidance System –  built in… our emotions’ feelings. Sometimes the guidance is a pleasant reminder to check your course and other times it will punch you in the face to let you know you are not on the right course.  This is where consistency plays a big role in keeping you from getting punched. You just have to be aware early enough of the pleasant reminders and adjust your attitude  immediately to prevent from getting to far out of whack or punched!  Anytime you are not feeling some form of love of yourself or anyone else, that is ego… Also having a negative thought is the ego and this is where it’s most effective to catch it before it gets out of hand.

When a negative thought suddenly appears in your head, just being  aware of it and knowing  it’s not you, but the  phantom self talking, weakens it.  The ego only has power when you believe you are the cause of  the thoughts. When we don’t blame ourselves for the negative thoughts we are having and then combine that with not blaming anyone else for what they are saying  to us, life becomes enjoyable to live. Now I know what you are thinking, if no one is to blame, then who is responsible?  We are all in a way responsible. There are consequences for all our our actions.  But it is only our own actions for which we are responsible.

What anyone else says or does is theirs to deal with, not ours to take personally, and better not to.  Negativity from anybody is purely a reflection of what’s going on in side of them. If they knew how not to be negative, they wouldn’t be!

We all have our own lives to live and the best thing we can all do, to live it well, is to consistently become aware of what the ego is saying to us, smile at it, let it be and re-focus on something that we feel good about.  


ego… Energy Gone Obscene! Part I

ego! It’s the biggest part of us all that is the cause of the life we are living and yet, for most of us, we know very little about what ego is!  Now,  I am not talking about what most of us call ego, that proud part of us that boasts.   Yes, that is ego, but just a smidgen of what the real ego is!  What I’m referring to is this phantom  persona we started acquiring around the age of two.

Around that time we started to stop realizing who/what we really are!  We were being told, “No, you can’t do what makes you happy anymore, like being curious and playing with everything you can get your hands on.” I understand some of that is required for our safety, outlets, cleaners, stake knives, etc. But for the first time in our new lives we were being scolded and didn’t know why.

I can’t remember exactly what I was thinking when I was two, but I bet it was something like…why are these giants who were so nice to me, giving me food and whipping my butt when demanded, now yelling at me, causing me to have this weird feeling I’ve never felt before, which was fear. That is when the phantom self appeared. We were told you are bad, you are now good, you must listen to me and do as I say,  it doesn’t matter if you like it or not this is your role. I am mother, father, brother, sister, friend, teacher, etc. and you are little and don’t know what you are doing.  We will let you know who you are, we will help create the phantom self/ego, because that is what was done for us.

No reason to blame anyone, because they would have to then blame everyone that contributed to their ego and on and on… it is what it is and if anyone knew how to not make mistakes, they would never make a mistake.  It’s all just a part of this Life we are living. That’s the foundation to overcoming the ego. The ego is what it is, but don’t feed it any energy by believing what it is saying. Just observe the odd, sometimes scary and  negative ego self talk, sometimes known as thinking. Just by being aware that this negative talk isn’t really you, but this made up ego, takes power away from it and is the beginning of overcoming the grip of the phantom self-ego!  What I call Energy Gone Obscene.

“When you unlearn what your learned growing up, is when you really learn what life is all about”