Integrity… the Key Ingredient to a Delicious Life.

Will power, decisions, choices, actions, habits —  these are the steps that create the life you see and experience.  Integrity is the overall quality that makes it possible to live the life you desire.

I have been thinking a lot lately why one person is successful, but another person with equal capabilities fails. What accounts for the difference?  I see this disparity in everything, from weight loss, relationships, career to overall happiness in life.  Take weight loss/fitness, for example. For the most part,  we all start on almost equal footing. It’s not a money issue: it doesn’t matter how much money you have, because exercise is free and the less you spend on food, possibly the better.

Why then do so many people have a problem with losing weight while others don’t?  A lot of people say it’s due to the lack of will power,  but I say that’s not the case.  Will power is just the first step;  it’s our true selves/soul communicating with us to make a positive change.  Most of us listen to that inner soul talk and have the will to want to make the improvement it suggests. It’s after that first step that people start getting tripped up.

Others will say it’s lack of motivation:  not having written goals, emotional eating,  lack of portion control,  too busy to eat right or  not enough time to exercise.   All just excuses. Excuses are nothing more than lies we tell ourselves to temporarily alleviate the guilt we feel when we avoid good habits, allowing procrastination to set in.

I believe what holds most people back from doing the things they know will bring success is integrity!  I’m referring to the quality of having personal integrity, seeing yourself as worthy of being happy in all areas of life.  When you see and feel worthy of losing weight and being fit, you will do what it takes to accomplish your goal.  That also goes for getting out of a dead end job or an equally burdensome  current love relationship.

It really applies to all areas of life big and small, like being dependable when you schedule time with friends, giving to charity, spending quality time with family, avoiding cheating on your taxes, etc. (Sorry that last one should have nothing to do with this topic)  Some say integrity is doing what you say, even when no one is watching. Really,  it is far greater then that and it begins with our inner self talk.

Basically, when you hear that calm inner voice that just feels right,  it guides you to the best decisions about your current situation.  That voice is the soul speaking.  When we listen to that voice and say, “Yes, I am going to make a change,”  that is our will power urging us to make a decision. These decisions become positive choices about the actions we will take. In due time, those actions become habits which will create a new reality.

Integrity is the glue that hold it all together.  It will keep you stuck to your decision, help you make sound choices, give you the energy for your actions and create effective habits that will put you at a happy place in your life.  To have the glue of integrity, you must feel you truly deserve and are worthy to be thin & fit, successful in your profession or loved & happy in your relationships.

Worthiness is the foundation of integrity. Add that to passion and you have the perfect recipe to make your life what you want.

PS. When someone is lacking integrity, they probably don’t feel worthy in that area or circumstance of their life.

God/Source creates all living beings worthy of enjoying every thing life has to offer.  It’s up to You to make that true!


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