Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable!

Happiness often begins with first being a little uncomfortable.  

Whenever you’re in a situation that feels uncomfortable to you, that feeling is coming from one of two places: either your soul communicating to you or your ego self communicating at you.

There are three general reasons why you would feel uncomfortable.  The first is the normal human response to danger… fire is hot, look both ways before crossing the street, don’t trust this person, etc.

The second is from the ego self, which stems from what I call false fear, which is a fear of something that is not true. This false fear mostly arises when we are assuming. When we assume, we usually assume the worst about some situation or person.  Have you noticed 9 times out of 9 we are wrong?!  Simple fix… stop assuming anything about anything!

The third type of discomfort also comes from our ego and is another type of false fear. It arises when we want to do something healthy for ourselves — physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Example: you want to work out to get in shape & lose weight, so you start thinking about how you really need to do so and decide you are going to start today. Then, the ego voice says, “You didn’t sleep well enough last night, so you probably won’t have a good workout.  Why not wait until tomorrow?”  That tomorrow turns into next week, next week into next month, and now that ego voice says, “You are too out of shape to work out; it will be too difficult; it’s much easier to lift the phone and order a pizza, followed by a big bowl of ice cream!”

If you are not comfortable with a little un-comfortableness when it first appears, it can spiral out of control!  The key is to determine what kind of discomfort you are feeling as soon as it arises.

The first kind is legitimate and pre-programmed. We use to keep ourselves safe; that one is obvious.

The second stems from assuming and we know now that assuming makes no sense.

The third one is a little tricky but easy to overcome, if you catch it as soon as the un-comfortablness arises. Once you do, you just have to determine what it stems from.  If it is something that is good for you, like exercising, eating healthier, reading, spending more time with loved ones, etc., then you should now see clearly that the tiny bit of un-comfortableness is well worth the payoff!

Funny thing about starting something new or making changes to something old — it always seems harder at first and then, after actually following through with the changes, you soon realize how easy it really is.  Secret to living a happy comfortable life… notice when the ego is talking, ignore it and move forward with what feels right!  Follow your heart/gut/soul/spirit/God, whatever you call that indescribable good feeling/intuition we all have. “It” will never let you down!



7 responses to “Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable!

  1. WOW! It is wonderful!!! I recognize these uncomfortables and move forward… It really feels good to follow the heart/gut/spirit/God! Thank you for reminding us this.
    P.S. I love how you said, “lift the phone and order a pizza, followed by a big bowl of ice cream!” It is so funny!!! Made me laugh!!! We all been there!

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment, I’m glad you found it helpful. A big part of my mission is reminding everyone of how to create the positive changes they desire most. The “how to” is already known in us all, it just may be a little hidden and If I can use a little humor to uncover it, all the better!

      You are Awesome, enjoy the uncomfortableness & keep moving forward!

  2. This is so true, William. We are chemically used to a certain prevailing mood, so shifting into the unknown of a happier, higher vibration has to involve stepping out of our comfort zone. I like your reassurance that the results are worth it, and that it gets easier : )

  3. Could we use the feeling of being uncomfortable as data for our own development? I tend to feel psychological discomfort in my body first. This lets me know that there is something deep in me that is being hooked by something I’m experiencing in my life. If I then take time to look inwards and reflect my body usually tells me when I’ve found the source. Once I recognise and accept it, I usually become more comfortable. Whether this leads to happiness I’m not sure, but I think I’m graduallly becoming more content. What do you think?

    • Absolutely we can use the feeling of being uncomfortable as data for our development, that is why we have feelings of any kind. Their purpose is to alert us of something that needs attention. It is quite awesome that you have the ability to be so in tune with your body, most are not. That ability is a great way to learn what is going on in the outer, by being in touch with the inner! How could finding and releasing what is making you uncomfortable not lead to happiness? I think that maybe because you are so in tune with your body, you are already starting at a overall higher level of happiness and contentment. You are also catching the discomfort soon after it appears and correcting it, so the impact may not be as great as if you were really depressed and then suddenly snapped out of it! You are the only one who could determine if you, are becoming more content, although it seems to me… You are!

      Keep rockin the un-comfortableness!


  4. Great timing for me! Lately I’ve been letting that little voice and those little ASSumptions get the better of me. The funny part is most of the time I’m conscious of this and I know it is my ego trying to sabotage me, but I still let myself get stuck. Time to take a deep breath, embrace the discomfort (and hit the gym – LOL)!

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